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Jet Express & Ferry shuttle

Ramba Mamba Jamba Party Bus is the perfect way to celebrate in style! Let us take you and your friends on an unforgettable journey as you ride in comfort and luxury all the way to the ferry terminal. Have a blast and enjoy the ride with us

The Jet Express boat line is the fastest way to get to Put in Bay and experience it’s great restaurants and bars; such as the Upper Deck and all of the other nightlife the island has to offer. They offer one way and round trip tickets, along with restrooms on-board.  Both Sandusky as well as Port Clinton docks offer ferry service to Put in Bay, Ohio… where the ferry ride can be half the fun of

getting to South Bass Island and Put-in-Bay. Relax and enjoy the ride while enjoying a narrated tour of the history of the island.


Be sure you select the correct date, time and destination!


Sandusky to Port Clinton


SUNDAY - THURSDAY                    FRIDAY                    SATURDAY                              

11:45 am                                          11:45 am                   11:45 am                    

1:15 pm                                             1:15 am                    1:15  pm            

2:45 pm                                             2:45 pm                    2:45 pm                  

4:15 pm                                             4:15 pm                    4:15 pm                 

6:30 pm                                             5:45 pm                    5:45 pm                 

                                                          8:00 pm                    7:15 pm



Port Clinton to Sandusky

SUNDAY - THURSDAY                    FRIDAY                    SATURDAY

2:00 pm                                             2:00 pm                     2:00 pm

3:30 pm                                             3:30 pm                     3:30 pm

5:00 pm                                             5:00 pm                     5:00 pm 

7:15 pm                                             6:30 pm                     6:30 pm

11:00 pm                                           8:45 pm                     8:00 pm 

                                                        12:15 am                    10:15 pm

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