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You Asked, We Answered

to assure everyone has an awesome experience!

  1. NO smoking on the bus (cigarettes, vaping, weed)

  2. NO illegal drugs

  3. NO weapons of any kind are allowed on the bus

  4. Violence will not be tolerated

  5. NO disrespectful behavior towards the driver, staff and venue staff

  6. Ohio State Law requires guests be 21 or older to drink alcoholic beverages

  7. RAMBA MAMBA JAMBA is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items

  8. Please stay seated while the bus is in motion

  9. BIO HAZARD or BODILY FLUID CLEAN-UP is an automatic $250.00 charge per incident. NO EXCEPTIONS and this charge WILL be billed to the credit card on file.


Need to know INFO!!


Payment in full by credit card is REQUIRED to process your reservation.


NO alcoholic beverages will be served by RMJ or its employees. RMJ will not be liable for passengers who have consumed alcohol prior to, on board, or after the trip is completed.


RMJ will refuse to transport anyone in possession of a weapon or illegal substance(s).  Authorities WILL BE contacted immediately!  Possession or use of illegal drugs by anyone in the vehicle is prohibited


Please ensure that you gather all your belongings at the conclusion of the run. The responsibility for items left behind, lost, missing, or damaged lies with you, as we will not accept any liability. Should you forget an item in the vehicle, we are willing to return it.


We at RMJ Party Bus prioritize the safety and well-being of our guests. As such we strongly advise our guests to make necessary arrangements to ensure that none of their party members are driving under the influence upon completion of the tour. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain a safe and responsible environment for all.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Once I have made a reservation, how and when will it be confirmed?

    • You will receive an email response within 24-hours either confirming your date or asking for an alternative date if your date is not available.​​

    • Once your tour date is confirmed your credit card will be used to hold the reservation.

    • When your credit card has been verified you will receive a confirmation detailing the date of your tour, number of guests and the total amount charged to your card.

    • Please check for any errors and notify us by email if any changes need to be made.

    • If all the information is correct please print your confirmation and bring it with you as it is your proof of payment and your ticket to board the tour.

  2. How far in advance must we book our reservation?

    • We accept reservations up to three months in advance.  You may book online or if you prefer to call us directly at +1 (419) 370-2880 or send an email to

    • For group and private charter reservations we accept reservations up to one year in advance with a non-refundable deposit to secure the date.

  3. Must I reconfirm my reservation upon arrival to Sandusky, Ohio, United States?

    • Yes, please call our office (419) 370-2880 to confirm your arrival in Sandusky, Ohio​​

    • At this time you may provide us with your hotel and room number so we can confirm your pick-up time and answer any questions you may have.

  4. Do you offer private bookings?​

    • YES, please contact us by email at for more information or a quote.​​

    • Prefer to speak over the phone? Call: +1 (419) 370-2880

  5. Do you offer group rates?​

    • YES, we offer group rates starting at a minimum group size of 10 guests. Groups are required to pay in full one week prior to the scheduled tour.​​

    • Rates are quoted individually and are non-refundable.

    • Please contact for further information.

  6. Do you offer travel agent discounts?​

    • YES, we offer travel agents a 25% discount on the full price. 

    • To qualify for this discount you must email your travel agent registration # and email a copy of your travel agent ID and business card to

  7. Are children allows on your tours?

    • Our nightlife tours are adult tours and you must be 21 years or older to participate.

    • Age requirements expectations are made only for private charters.

  8. Do your provide transportation to the tour departure points?

    • On all your RMJ tours, we are your designated driver and we will pick you up at your hotel lobby and deliver you safely home at the end of the tour.​​

  9. Do you have a refund policy?​

    • Please note cancellations 24-hours prior to your tour are 100% refundable.​​

    • Cancellation after 24-hours NO refund is available.

    • If for any reason we are forced to cancel any of our tours due to weather, technical problems, or due to any other unexpected circumstances we will issue a full refund.

  10. What time does RMJ pick us up at our hotel?

    • On the day of your scheduled tour, we will call you (if you are not in your room, we will leave you a message) to let you know exactly what time the bus shall be at your hotel lobby. ​​

    • If you are not contacted please call us for your pickup information.

    • Please be on-time, the driver will only wait 10 minutes after designated pickup time.

  11. What is the average age of a RMJ guest?

    • Our guests come from all over the world and are from 21 to 99 years of age.  The average age of our guests is between 25 and 70.  The success of our tours is note determined by age but by the spirit and camaraderie of our guest.​​

  12. Is the RMJ bus wheelchair accessible?​

    • We do not have an automatic wheelchair lift.  However, we will do our best to accommodate any guest who would like to join our tour.​​

    • Please inform us when making your reservation so we can make the proper arrangements

  13. What drinks are included in a tour?​

    • You will receive a free specialty shot at each bar stop upon arrival.  All drinks are at local prices.​

  14. What is proper RMJ attire?​

    • Don't get dressed up for us!  Dress code is RELAXED, Shirt, slacks, or shorts are just fine.  Ladies remember to bring a hair tie things tend to get pretty windy onboard.  Most important, wear comfortable shoes, because you have a long day ahead of you.

  15. Should I bring anything with me? ​

    • Lots of energy! And for great memories, bring a camera and make sure your phone is charged.  We also recommend a strong wrist for shaking maracas!   Please note that we are unable to store personal belongings on the bus so unfortunately we cannot be responsible for articles left on the bus.​

  16. Should I bring extra cash?​

    • YES, you will need additional cash if you would like to purchase additional drinks  and/or specials!​

  17. Am I able to get off the RMJ bus at the end of the tour and stay in town to party?​

    • Yes, by midnight most of our guests are ready to return home after a full night of entertainment and fun, however anyone who wants to stay in town may do so with the understanding that they are responsible for their own transportation back to their hotel.​

  18. Does the RMJ celebrate special events?​

    • Yes, every night is a celebration. Join us for your birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, engagement, divorce, or just to celebrate a great vacation.​

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